The most traumatic and debilitating impact that a family can suffer, other than when a loved one passes away, is when a catastrophic injury takes place. These types of injuries are permanent and will not only impact the victim, but also the victim’s entire family for the rest of their lives. Family dynamics are changed, and the considerable tasks of setting up an ongoing care and support system for the victim, as well as the very real concerns associated with financial challenges, can produce high degrees of stress.

Catastrophic injuries can happen any number of ways, ranging from burns, head trauma, amputations, or eye injuries that may result in blindness. However, the most impactful of all catastrophic incidents are those that result in spinal injuries. Even in cases where there is not permanent paralysis, a spinal injury may also be part of other injuries to the brain or the back. This can lead to ongoing seizures, learning or cognitive impacts, or highly restricted ranges of movement that can take years of physical therapy to overcome.

When spinal injuries are caused due to the negligence of another person

When a spinal injury is the result of the negligence of another person, perhaps due to a car accident, a defective product, unsafe conditions on the job, a fire, or any other number of scenarios, an attorney specializing in spinal injuries can work with a victim to seek compensation to help them cope with their ongoing disabilities.

Because spinal injuries are either permanent or involve long-term recovery, the amount of money required to fully care for a victim often ranges into the millions of dollars.

An attorney can seek compensation for a number of things such as past, current, and future medical bills, ongoing therapy, lost wages, costs associated with providing permanent and intensive care. Separately, there can also be non-economic damages as well, including those for pain and suffering, mental anguish, and a loss of enjoyment of life.

While many of these suits are settled long before they ever reach a trial, you must have a highly reviewed attorney representing you because the stakes are so high and can impact an entire family for decades to come.

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