Sand Diego Personal Injury Law
Focusing on Serious Injuries from Catastrophic Accidents

The Law Offices of Donald D. Hiney represents victims suffering the consequences of serious injury stemming from catastrophic accidents. We practice San Diego injury law to help clients make a positive financial recovery that enables them to manage their long-term and permanent conditions.

Our San Diego personal injury law firm has a history of achieving settlements and verdicts that align with our client’s needs and goals when they suffer construction and auto accidents. When you need help because severe injury caused by someone else has left you struggling to function, we will stand up and fight to protect your rights.
Personal injury laws in San Diego

Our San Diego personal injury law firm is rooted in a comprehensive knowledge of personal injury laws in San Diego and tempered by years of trial litigation. We have weathered the changes of various legislative trends and have made it a point to stay abreast of the latest research and opinions that influence the field of San Diego injury law.

We understand the likely impact of our arguments and strategies on juries and judges, so that we can employ the best tactics to achieve the maximum recovery for our clients. Years of practical application have endowed us with a nuanced understanding of the most effective ways to fight for justice. Contact a San Diego personal injury lawyer today to discuss your case.
Practice areas

Our San Diego injury law firm has over 27 years of trial experience and has handled over 1,000 cases. Attorney Don Hiney and staff take a personal interest in every client because that is the only way to guarantee our best service and representation.

Our practice area pages offer detailed information about each area of law and our experience:

Personal injury law

  • Business litigation
  • Medical malpractice
  • Wrongful termination
  • Criminal defense

The reputation of the law firm of Donald D. Hiney, A.P.C. emanates from our in-depth knowledge and experience across every area of our practice. Thorough investigation, legal knowledge, and skillful argumentation are the cornerstones of our practice.

We look forward to helping you reach a legal resolution.

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