Fall from balcony results in $1.3 million settlement

During construction of their new home, our clients (a married couple) came to the house to meet sub-contractors regarding the installation of iron railings on the balconies.  After the meeting, our clients were in the kitchen when a fire started on the hillside below one of the balconies.  When the wife went onto the balcony to throw liquid on the fire, the railing gave way and she fell to the ground sustaining serious injuries.  After many depositions, court appearances, and several motions, we obtained a settlement for our clients of $1,300,000.

Failure to install safety railings results in six-figure settlement

Our client, a painter working at a construction site, fell and sustained serious injuries because the general contractor failed to put up safety railings.  We defeated a summary judgment motion, which resulted in a six-figure settlement for our client.