San Diego Dog Bite Accident Attorney

We often consider dogs to be cute and friendly, but what happens when one of these animals attacks? Unfortunately, a dog bite can lead to a severe and expensive injury, resulting in the need for a dog bite accident attorney.

Specifically, if you or someone you know has been injured by a dog bite in the San Diego, Chula Vista, or surrounding community, then the professional attorneys at Donald D. Hiney, APC want to hear from you. We can help you and your family move on from this difficult time.

Injuries Caused from Dog Bites

It may be difficult to understand, but it’s true: any breed of dog can attack. From pit bulls to rottweilers, German shepherds and bulldogs, injuries can range from mild to severe. Below are some of the possible wound types:

  • Severe Bleeding
  • Abrasions
  • Lacerations
  • Punctures
  • Broken Bones
  • Crushed Bones
  • Nerve Damage
  • Infections

The nature of the injury will ultimately depict the damage experienced by the victim. For example, the more serious the wound, the more physical, emotional, and financial strain can occur for the injured party.

A dog bite can lead to injuries that require surgery, skin grafts, medication, hospital stays, counseling, and more. As your dog bites accident attorney, we can help secure compensation for the following:

  • Medical Bills
  • Special Treatment (Plastic and/or Reconstructive Surgery)
  • Permanent Injuries
  • Physical Therapy
  • Scarring
  • Missed Work/Lost Wages

Chances are, if you’ve been attacked by a dog, the attack wasn’t intentional. However, you are not to blame for this accident, and the guilty party should be held accountable for their aggressive pet.

Who’s Responsible for the Dog Bite?

When a dog attacks, it is generally because the dog in question is being neglected, abused, or doesn’t have proper training. Despite the reason, the owner of the dog is still responsible for his or her pet(s) and their actions.

In the State of California, filing a dog bite claim to hold the pet owner accountable can often be a difficult task. The process requires medical records, witness statements, and hospital bills. To avoid confusion, it is recommended you speak with a dog bite accident attorney. After all, you and your family have been through more than enough. We will handle the legal process, allowing you to focus on what’s important: healing.

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Our professional team knows all too well how challenging this experience can be for you and your family. We have worked on many dog bite accident cases before, meaning we sympathize with you during this painful, expensive, and inconvenient time. There is a silver lining; you don’t have to stand up and fight alone.

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