San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury is defined by California law as the physical harm done to a person as a result of negligent, accidental, or unsafe conditions caused by another person, company, or other organization. Personal injuries caused by the outlined conditions are a severe injustice incurred by the victim, and the law provides remedy to compensate that wrongdoing.

There are several common causes of personal injury in San Diego:

Anyone, at any time, can become the victim of a serious personal injury. Accidents caused by someone else’s carelessness are unfortunate, everyday occurrences. If you are the victim of such an accident, you do not have to accept the financial burden of your injuries all alone. Contact our person injuries law firm to get legal help when you need it most.
Personal Injury

Donald D. Hiney, A.P.C., a personal injury attorney in San Diego, evaluates the circumstances of your accident and personal injuries in San Diego to find the optimal manner in which to pursue your case. We align our practice to accommodate your needs and chart a legal course aiming for maximum recovery.

Don, an injury lawyer in San Diego, has over 27 years of trial work and has handled over 1,000 cases. He and his staff work closely with you and keep you informed of your San Diego personal injuries case status from the first interview through the final judgment or settlement. His staff works hard to negotiate with your medical providers to lower their fees, which in turn maximizes your recovery.

Don is a member of the American Board of Trial Lawyers, an organization for which less than one percent of the lawyers in the U.S. qualify. Don uses his experience and expertise to try your case or reach a settlement in your best interest. Call today to speak with a San Diego personal inury lawyer. We are standing by to start working on your recovery.

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