Find Legal Counsel from a San Diego Accident Lawyer

Q: Will I have to pay attorney fees?

It depends. In San Diego personal injury lawsuit and contingency fee cases, the initial consultation is free of charge. Attorney fees are only paid when the client’s case is settled or a judgment is rendered for the client.

In criminal and civil litigation cases, a retainer is usually needed and attorney time and paralegal time are billed on an hourly basis.

Q: What are your contingency fees?

In most cases, a 331/3 percent fee is charged if the client’s matter is settled before the filing of the complaint.

Q: Will I have to advance costs?

No. The firm advances all costs on most contingency cases. The client reimburses the firm for all costs advanced from the settlement or judgment. The client receives an updated cost bill on a monthly basis showing the costs paid on the client’s behalf.

Q: Will I have to pay for parking at your office location?

There is parking available in our building and if you park in the building we can validate your parking. If you park on the street or in another parking structure, we cannot validate.

Q: Is it important to hire an attorney who can take a case to trial?

Yes. It is very important when you are looking to hire personal injury law firms in San Diego that you ask each attorney you interview if he or she has tried a case in front of a jury. Ask for the case name and in what court the trial was held. You do not want to hire an attorney who has little or no jury trial experience. Insurance companies know which attorneys do not have trial experience and their clients may not receive fair settlement offers from the insurance companies.