Personal Injury Lawsuits in San Diego
Understanding your legal options

The Law Firm of Donald D. Hiney, A.P.C. evaluates personal injury lawsuits in San Diego based solely on each case’s individual merit. We do this because this is the only way we can guarantee quality representation that can bring desired results.

It is true that any injury lawsuit in San Diego will have a set of standard commonalities—an injured victim, a defendant, and an accusation of negligence—but the only lawsuit we are focused on is yours. We know that in order to defend your case to the best of our ability, we must partner with you and delve deep into the intrinsic details of your case:

The circumstances of the accident
The harm that was caused
The manner in which the injury impacts your life

We perform exhaustive investigations and analysis to uncover the facts that prove, beyond doubt, another party’s negligence and leverage the extent of the effect of your injuries to justify the need for extensive compensation for your San Diego personal injury lawsuit.

San Diego injury settlement

Sometimes during your injury claim, circumstances arise that may make it beneficial to accept personal injury settlements in San Diego in lieu of going to trial. Those circumstances are typically when the insurance company is offering an amount of money that is reasonable to you, and the benefit of accepting the settlement outweighs the uncertainty of going to court.

Please read the summaries for many recent settlements we have negotiated:

Auto accidents

Wrongful death

Construction accidents

Trials can be expensive, and when the finally tally comes in for legal representation, court costs, and medical fees, a client may walk away with less than what they would have had they settled. Our San Diego personal injury lawyers at our law firm has years of trial experience and is bound by a staunch commitment to professional ethics. We fully disclose our opinions to our clients. Rest assured, we will not advise going to trial if we do not believe it is a significant benefit to you.
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