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When a train accident occurs, the results can be tragic, and unfortunately, deadly. Even if the accident is minor, the consequences can be severe due to the weight, size, and mass of the train. To make the situation even more troubling, lawsuits involving train accidents can be time-consuming, expensive, and complicated.

If you or someone you know has recently been involved in a train accident, then talking to a train accident attorney could prove to be beneficial. The Law Offices of Donald D. Hiney, APC proudly serve the San Diego, Chula Vista, and surrounding areas. We have experience with these types of cases and understand all too well how troubling they can be for all involved parties. We offer our deepest sympathies, and we are here to help you move on with your life.

About Train Accidents

When a train accident occurs, it is common for not just one person to be negatively affected, but many. For example, a train accident victim can include the following: passengers, pedestrians or bystanders, drivers or passengers of other vehicles, railroad workers, and more.

The cases are made even more confusing due to factors, such as different laws, standards, and statutes of limitations. Further, the specific type of train accident that occurs can affect who is responsible for the damages.

A myriad of factors can cause a train accident to occur, including the following:



Crossing Signs

Railroad Damage

Train Accident Injuries

Obviously, a train accident can conclude with a variety of injuries, from mild to severe, and in the worst case, death. When a train accident occurs, not only is there physical and emotional stress to be concerned with but financial stress as well.

For example, you may be presented with medical bills, doctor visits, prescription costs, missed wages, and funeral expenses. Though money is the last thing you want—or should have—to worry about at this current moment, compensation could help relieve some of your financial stress.

Many people could potentially be held liable for the accident, such as the company or agency that operates the train, the track owner, the conductor, or the manufacturer. Yet, determining fault, again, can be time-consuming, expensive, and complicated. More so, a successful verdict to the case will require evidence, witness statements, and expert testimony. Right now, your main concern should be healing and moving on with your life. Let a train accident attorney handle the legal process for you.

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Are you ready to speak to a train accident attorney? At Donald D. Hiney, APC, we respect the fact that there is nothing fun about needing an attorney. More so, if you or someone you know has been injured or is in a lot of pain, this time is even more upsetting. However, you don’t have to fight alone. We will handle every aspect of the case, from making phone calls to collecting statements. You can focus on yourself, and we’ll focus on the rest.